Project Overview

Welcome to the projects website of the Pleasant Valley Masonic Center (PVMC).  Periodically, the PVMC undertakes a grand project to raise money for the center.  The first project was the PVMC Masonic Kentucky Rifle, handcrafted by Peter Alexander.  Because of the success of the project, the PVMC teamed up with Peter once again to create another rifle, this time from the Pennsylvania school.  Details on can be found below:

Project # 3 Overview (2016-2017)


A Peter White 1825 Uniontown Rifle Recreated by Peter A. Alexander.

Peter Alexander’s latest creation is a copy of an original rifle that was built by Peter White who worked in Uniontown, Pennsylvania in and about 1825. Peter White started his career in 1799 in close association with John Armstrong in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Peter White worked for a time in Bedford County, Pennsylvania greatly influencing the gun trade there. He finally settled in Uniontown in 1819 and worked there until his death in 1834 at the age of 56.

This project was made possible not only by the artistic talent of Mr. Alexander, but also by the generous donations made by Mr. Rodney E. Boyce of Square Peg Design in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania (, Mr. Dale Roos of Accurate Advertising Specialty Company, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (, Mr. David Keck of Knob Muzzleloading in Berwick, Pennsylvania ( and Mr. Michael Barton of Tiger Hunt Gunstocks in Beaverdale, Pennsylvania (



Project #2 Overview (2011-2013)

Mr. Alexander’s latest creation, the 2011 Masonic Pennsylvania rifle, was created in the style of gunsmith David Morton. David Morton worked as a clockmaker and gunsmith in the early 1800’s in West Newton, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The newest addition to the series, the Masonic Pennsylvania rifle has a 47.5” swamped Ed Rayl .45 caliber barrel. A beautiful tiger maple stock boasts 23 sterling silver inlays, with over 3 feet of sterling silver wire inlay enhancing the unique raised relief carving on the stock.  All of the rifle’s furniture is finely crafted from sterling silver including the nose cap, ramrod thimbles, sights, patchbox, toe plate, trigger guard and butt plate. The rifle carries a Bob roller lock and double set triggers created by Peter A. Alexander.

For more details on the gun, visit our PROJECT DETAILS PAGE.  You can also view the gun throughout it’s creation process HERE.  This gun was raffled away on June 28, 2013.  The winning ticket was purchased by David Climenhage.  All proceeds will go to benefit the Pleasant Valley Masonic Center.  Visit the Details and Process pages for more information.


Project #1 Overview (2009-2010)


In 2009, the Pleasant Valley Masonic Center (PVMC) has teamed up with Brother Peter A. Alexander to create a one-of-a-kind Kentucky Rifle with a Mason flair. Tickets were sold for a chance to win a unique handcrafted firearm. Proceeds benefited the PVMC. Here are the details of the gun from Peter himself:

This rifle has a swamped Getz rifled barrel of .50 caliber, a beautiful Chambers’ flintlock with a brass lock plate, a stock of very impressive tiger maple, and of course the decoration is as elaborate as I can create.  The double set triggers, of my own creation, allow you to squeeze the trigger at short range shots, while setting the rear trigger make the firing, or front trigger a “hair” touch, so you will not disturb the point of aim at longer ranges.  The rifle boasts silver inlays inletted into brass and vise versa, as well as the best relief carving I can do.  There is also an abundance of silver wire accentuating the decoration.

The gun was completed in early 2009, and tickets were sold through June 2010. Robert Evans was chosen as the lucky winner. Click HERE for specific details and history on the progress, and for images taken during creation.